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X-NAVI:ET "Dead City Voice / Remix Project" (CD, Instant Classic, 2015)

"Dead City Voice / Remix Project" is a lot more than the title might suggest. Gathering artists from around the Globe, Rafał Iwański (performing solo under the name X-Navi:Et but also well known from his work with HATI, Kapital, Innercity Ensemble and Alameda 5) managed to create a completely new piece of art based on reinterpretations of his compositions (released originally by Zoharum / Eter Records on vinyl and Instant Classic on MC). Featuring: Rapoon, z'ev, Stara Rzeka, Mirt, Pure and Yannick Franck.

Mastering: Bartek Jaworski
Artwork: Agnieszka Zwara

Komentarz do albumu "Dead City Voice / Remix Project" (Rafał Iwański + autorzy remiksów):


released February 28, 2015

REVIEWS (excerpts) / RECENZJE (fragmenty):

The six remixes are a nicely diverse bunch. Mirt plays his moody electronics in a minimal way, both Z'EV and Yannick Franck has some loud drone sounds to handle, while Pure looks for a more rhythm perspective. Rapoon keep the music well under control for a lengthy amount of time but ends rather noisely. The most surprising piece comes from Stara Rzeka, which is the nom de plume of Kuba Ziołek, who has a very nice piece of guitar strumming - maybe even 12strings, I think. I really liked his piece because it so different than the others and seemed to have perhaps little to do with a remix. Great compilation of six nice remixes.
Frans de Waard, Vital Weekly:

As some of our readers maybe know, I have my misgivings about remixes album or remixes project. In this case, I should have better put them aside, even if I received it after months of its official release. Moreover the source for remixers - all prominent names of the underground scene - was so good (the astonishing album "Dead City Voices" by HATI founder Rafa Iwaski a.k.a. X-Navi:Et - maybe his real masterpiece -) that could belong to that kind of stuff that doesn't really need any further treatment.
Vito Camarretta, Chain D.L.K.:

Belgium's Yannick Franck thins and re-blends '1 + 1', stirring the original's sonorous patina to form a revolving city soup, at times reminding of Non's more ambient pieces. The decaying call to prayer that haunts 'Mutagenocidecadentia' is held underwater by Austria's Pure (Peter Votava), adding intrusive blips of surveillance technology it becomes a paranoid night walk. Fellow Polish artists Stara Rzeka (who joins Iwański in the groups Kapital and Innercity Ensemble) and Tomek Mirt keep things cold on each of their revisions, the former adding a stubbornly strummed guitar while heightening the original's rusting march, while the latter blurs then reduces 'Luna 369 Park' into deep breathing pulses and shudders. But it is the industrial stalwarts Z'ev and Rapoon whose methods are the least clear but perhaps the most evocative of urban malaise. Rapoon transforms a squeaking gate into intense slices of industrial timpani echoing feverishly, while Z'ev somehow thickens and initially spreads the original's soaring layers of brassy loops and sirens into a droning hive of insect-like activity to suitably suggest swarms of locusts feasting on an abandoned city.
Russell Cuzner, The Quietus:

„Dead City Voice / Remix Project” to przykład nieograniczonej wyobraźni twórców, którzy oprócz własnego stylu i języka, mają też odwagę kreować swoją muzyczną wizję wszechświata.
Łukasz Komła:

Czy to lepsza płyta od wydanego w 2013 roku Dead City Voice? Nie, skądże, po prostu traktująca tamte utwory w zupełnie inny sposób. Cała szóstka, którą zebrał Rafał Iwański, ciekawie zinterpretowała nagrania X-Navi:Et, stawiając w każdym z przypadków na inne elementy. Bardzo fajny pomysł odkrywający drugie dno każdej z kompozycji.
Piotr Strzemięczny, FYH!:

"Remix Project" traktuję jako ciekawostkę i pewnego rodzaju kolekcjonerski rarytas, jednak wszystkim tym, którzy nie słyszeli jeszcze "Dead City Voice" radzę przede wszystkim zapoznać się z oryginalnym materiałem, który szczerze i gorąco polecam.
Agnieszka Janik: HARD ART 01/2015 (010)

The musicians have taken Rafal’s call very seriously and creatively, making the whole thing more than decent. It’s good to listen to listen to both CDs consecutively, to appreciate the work of Yannick, Peter, Z’EV, Kuba, Robin and Tomek, creating sometimes better, sometimes worse, but always a whole new level of sound. I didn’t change my mind about remixes, but sometimes in a pile of mud one may find a gem.



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X-NAVI:ET Poland

Rafał Iwański a.k.a. X-NAVI:ET creates an electroacoustic music. Co-founder of groups KAPITAL and Voices of the Cosmos. Percussionist and co-founder of HATI, Innercity Ensemble and member of group Alameda 5. He has performed many times throughout Europe and USA. R. Iwański has collaborated with an impressive list of people, including Z'EV, Richard Pinhas, PURE, Mazzoll, Raymond S. Harmon. ... more

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